Things I Haven’t Done For A Really Long Time

Things I Don’t Do Any More: · Run about 200 educational and fellowship training nets for ARES/RACES as Emergency Coordinator. Each week having a training topic, a training question and time for instruction and fellowship. · Do severe storm spotting as I did for the past 10 years, running a … Continue reading

APRS Location Tracking On The Cheap!

  Probably about 6 – 7 years ago or so I was informed by the “EC” (Emergency Coordinator) for Outagamie County WI ARES / RACES that the National Weather Service was interested in the idea of using ham radio based trackers for severe storm spotting purposes.  Stan explained what it … Continue reading

Green Bay Triathlon Ham Radio Support

   One cool thing about providing requested ham radio communications tracking and control support to a race like the Green Bay Triathlon is the ability to help people when they need it.  For this race I drove my vehicle, also pictured, as one of two “SAG” vehicles.  For what purpose?  … Continue reading

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