Ham Radio QSL Card (confirmation of contact) From Space – the International Space Station

I received my QSL card from my October 11, 2010 ham radio 2 meter contact with the International Space Station last week.  I had started to wonder if it would ever arrive.  Here’s the story behind it. When I made the contact I didn’t immediately think about getting a QSL … Continue reading

Ham Radio – Shocking Apartment Antenna Testing!

I did some side-by-side testing of a classic 2 meter J-Pole omni-directional antenna and a 3 element 2 meter beam – both mounted inside my apartment in Appleton, WI. The tests were run with a 5 watt HT. It was a shocking process! To be fair, the mounts for the … Continue reading

Ham Radio Balloon Contact!

Last weekend I was driving up to WalMart to pick some things up and had the FT-857d mobile in scan mode as I drove. I heard the usual police band chatter, somone on a repeater, so ariline traffic, and then it stopped on 164.520 – the National Calling Frequency in … Continue reading

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