Is Amateur Radio (Ham Radio; NOT CB Radio) A Dying Hobby?

When I tell people that I am a ham and that I can talk to people all around the world – even from my car using HF antennas – I get a number of typical responses. Most people have a sense of disbelief or surprise because most of the people … Continue reading

2 Meter Ham Radio Rediscovered

A recent long drive from Appleton, WI to Beulah, MI without the benefit of my usual good performing HF antenna lead me to listen to an unusual (for me) amount of 2 meter traffic on the drive. They say something like when God closes a window he opens a door. … Continue reading

Wisconsin QSO Party Results 2011

I won!  I will tell you how in a paragraph or two below.  But first let me set the stage .  I had actually decided not to compete in this year’s contest.  After all, what REALLY was the point?  It had been a busy spring with something going on every … Continue reading

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