A Nice Little Disaster – A Ham Radio Operator’s Experience

Ham radio operators that train with ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services)  and RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) do so for many reasons.  One is to use their skills and equipment when others are in need.  While the training can be a lot of fun, it is also quite serious.  … Continue reading

Ham Radio & A Pasty!

What could possibly be better than a day off of work, ham radio and a pasty?  For those of you that are not former Yoopers (from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) a pasty is a sort of meat pie sort of like a chicken pot pie without the gravy and metal tin … Continue reading

Ham Radio Simulated Emergency Test

Recently ham radio operators from all over the United States of America participated in a “Simulated Emergency Test”.  I participated with the Outagamie County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) group.  It was educational and fun!  I was assisted by the ever lovely Kd8KRS, Jane – my wife! The objective of … Continue reading

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