Ham Radio’s Wisconsin Interstate Network

Ham radio in northeastern Wisconsin got a bit more useful and fun recently with the introduction of a new linked repeater.  Green Bay already had repeaters linked in various ways.  One Green Bay repeater on 147.270 – it is linked to the Wabeno, WI repeater.  Other links involved IRLP and … Continue reading

Ham Radio, EchoLink and Learning

Is ham radio REALLY worth all the hassles? Have you ever wondered that? I mean, first there is the learning curve to get a technician class license. Then there is the getting to know what radio and antenna to order. No perfect choice there. Sizes, budget, features, etc… And then … Continue reading

Ham Radio Thanksgiving

My ham radio thanksgiving was a very fun, relaxing time. I spent part of Thanksgiving day programming my FT-857d ham radio with some ham radio repeaters and some airport arrival and departure frequencies. My ham radio has a wideband receiver with scanning capabilities. This ham radio makes a wonderful travel … Continue reading

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