My Wife, Jane – KD8KRS/AE Has EXTRA Class!

I am very happy for Jane today!  She studied her tail off, and then passed, the amateur radio Extra Class exam.  The material is rather complex and there is lots of it.  A bunch of it deals with things like antenna and radio wave theories as well as radio related … Continue reading

What Is Ham Radio? Thoughts About Amateur Radio Today and Back In The Day.

You would think that answering the question, “What Is Ham Radio?” would be a simple thing to do.  In reality it used to be very easy to do.  Ham radio also is known as amateur radio.  The concept back in the day was quite simple.  Two people with radios some … Continue reading

Teaching My First Ham Radio “Ham Cram” Course

For me, passing the three levels of ham radio license exams was easier than I thought it would be.  And for me, teaching my first ham radio “ham cram” license preparation class was tougher than I thought.  Here’s why: When I first thought about trying to pass the ham radio … Continue reading

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