Ham Radio Scanner Frequencies For EAA AirVenture At Oshkosh, Wisconsin

One annual rite of passage in the AB9NN and KD8KRS household is the arrival of airplane chatter on two frequencies we have programmed in our Yaesu FT 857 D ham radios in our car and truck respectively.  One of the reasons I bought the Yaesu FT 857 D mobile ham radios not only the ability … Continue reading

Cheap HF Ham Radio Mobile Antennas

One of the neat things about ham radio is that there are a lot of different frequencies and modes of operation (AM, FM, Single-side-band, digital, etc.) than a person can try out.  Like anything we do a lot of, even ham radio can get a bit old after a while.  … Continue reading

Ham Radio and The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Fly-In

Ham radios go together with the EAA AirVenture fly-in quite nicely!  There are probably more scanner listeners out there than there are licensed ham radio operators.  So, for those scanner listeners – check out the EAA AirVenture airport frequencies.   Note that the you will need to read through the booklet … Continue reading

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