Assembly Of The Gap Challenger DX Antenna

The Gap Challenger DX vertical ground mounted ham radio antenna arrives via UPS in a rather unassuming flat box.  I say rather unassuming because the size of the box really doesn’t lead one to believe that the parts contained in the box would contain a 31.5 foot tall antenna.  When assembled … Continue reading

My Ham Radio Antennas Are So Bright I Need Shades!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a good scrub and polish job on my mobile (car mounted) ham radio antennas.  Tonight was a perfect night for such a task.  Calm winds.  Low humidity.  Temps around 70 – 75.  Good light.  Clearish skies.  And my lovely wife was off to … Continue reading

Winter Thoughts For Ham Radio Operators

Winter time can present special challenges, opportunities and risks for ham radio operators.  Ice and snow on the antenna is one thing that immediately comes to mind.  I generally park one of our vehicles outside during the winter.  During winter I need to be careful to rid all ice and … Continue reading

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