75 Meter Mobile with a Wolf River Coil

Can you do 75 meter mobile ham radio?  You sure can!  Does it have to be expensive?  Not really – at least not in comparison to the next better performing alternatives.  Don’t let that sound negative – I love the performance of the Wolf River Coil and 102” whip on … Continue reading

Ham Radio – It Shouldn’t Work!

Ham radio as a hobby can be amazing at times when conditions are right and all of your equipment is tuned right and you are in a low electrical noise location.  And at other times it can be very frustrating when things go wrong.  No sun spots for good propagation.  … Continue reading

Cheap HF Ham Radio Mobile Antennas

One of the neat things about ham radio is that there are a lot of different frequencies and modes of operation (AM, FM, Single-side-band, digital, etc.) than a person can try out.  Like anything we do a lot of, even ham radio can get a bit old after a while.  … Continue reading

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