Working The U.P. Net (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

In church we are counseled that God sometimes works in mysterious ways.  I’ve heard this termed as using tough times to harden us for good use later, a silver lining, etc..  Discovering and working the U.P. Net on 75 meters was one such instance of a wonderful thing happening in … Continue reading

Probably The Best Method For Breaking A Pile-up

In the world of HF amateur radio some bands are “rag chew” bands – a small group of hams get together on the air for a long chat.  Think of a coffee clutch.  On other bands things are more rapid fire.  Sometimes it is because the calling station is from … Continue reading

Ball and Spring Antenna Mount Ham Radio Rescue Project

Junk!  I rarely make negative comments about ham radio gear because I realize that you generally get what you pay for.  For example, if you buy an Icom radio and compare it to the quality of an Alinco radio you are very likely to find higher quality and more features … Continue reading

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