Ham Radio’s APRS On Facebook

I recently discovered that Facebook, the social networking site, has a powerful APRS application.  What this does for me is put an APRS icon on the left margin of my Facebook page.  One click on the icon and it brings up a Google map with the last reported position and … Continue reading

Dedicated A.P.R.S. Radio and Antenna Install

      So the APRS radio and antenna install discussed in this blog post is certainly far from perfect.  It has strong points and weaknesses.  I did and had done what felt comfortable for me, what I had time for and what I had funds for.  I will discuss … Continue reading

Ham Radio A.P.R.S. Install Experiences And Insights

My recent experience during the install of an A.P.R.S. (Automatic PACKET Reporting System) tracker in my car for use with ham radio prompted me to write a blog post so that others might have a better experience in their install.  Mine was not bad, but could have been better.  Any … Continue reading

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