Russian SSTV Images From ISS

The International Space Station and a not well known ham radio mode known as Slow Scan TV (SSTV).  What do they have to do with each other?  This link explains part of it.  The captured and decoded images below explain what my wife Jane, KD8KRS (a general class amateur radio … Continue reading

Ham Radio QSL Card (confirmation of contact) From Space – the International Space Station

I received my QSL card from my October 11, 2010 ham radio 2 meter contact with the International Space Station last week.  I had started to wonder if it would ever arrive.  Here’s the story behind it. When I made the contact I didn’t immediately think about getting a QSL … Continue reading

How Ham Radio Operators Can Contact the ISS (International Space Station)

Contacting the ham radio operator astronaut(s) on board the International Space Station may be much easier than you think.  At least, after you have done it and know what you know, it seems easy.  In reality, it’s not all that difficult.  Here are some resources and procedures that will help … Continue reading

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