Download Your Repeater Settings To Your Ham Radio

I had the pleasure recently to help a lovely woman (my fiancé at the time of this writing) set-up her brand new Yaesu FT-857d mobile ham radio.  We did it the right way.  Or – more correctly – the easy way!  When I set mine up, I did all the … Continue reading

Lake Michigan Area (Michigan / Wisconsin) APRS Coverage

      A recent visit to see Jane (kd8krs) near the Traverse City, MI area gave me a chance to test my dedicated APRS radio and antenna.  It also gave me the chance to document APRS coverage in general in eastern Wisconsin, western lower peninsula of Michigan and the … Continue reading

Ham Radio, EchoLink and Learning

Is ham radio REALLY worth all the hassles? Have you ever wondered that? I mean, first there is the learning curve to get a technician class license. Then there is the getting to know what radio and antenna to order. No perfect choice there. Sizes, budget, features, etc… And then … Continue reading

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