Ham Radio & SkyWarn Appreciation Day 2009

My wife and I attended Green Bay National Weather Service’s (NOAA) SkyWarn Appreciation Day on Friday December 4, 2009.  This day is a “thank you” to trained severe storm spotters that also use their ham radio training to form a many-to-many communications network of trained spotters that help provide real-time … Continue reading

Ham Radio SkyWarn Recognition Day!

Ham radio’s SkyWarn recognition day is December 6, 2008. This is a day when the National Weather Service takes their valuable time and resources and says “thanks” to those of us that help out with SkyWarn operations. It’s pretty cool. I attended last year’s event and got a nice guided … Continue reading

Ham Radio Hurricane Season

Recent events remind us that hurricane season starts as the midwest’s tornadoe season winds down. And those that are trained in emergency communications can play a vital role when traditional communications networks go down in heavy wether. One problem, just on the news tonight, is that so many people try … Continue reading

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