Decoding NOAA Weather Satellite Transmissions!

I stumbled upon information about the free version of WXToIMG software that said it would automatically decode transmissions from certain NOAA weather satellites.  Curious, I wondered what specialized equipment would be required for this.  Thoughts of some NSA or CIA or NASA listening station ran through my mind.  Having more … Continue reading

Ham Radio & SkyWarn Appreciation Day 2009

My wife and I attended Green Bay National Weather Service’s (NOAA) SkyWarn Appreciation Day on Friday December 4, 2009.  This day is a “thank you” to trained severe storm spotters that also use their ham radio training to form a many-to-many communications network of trained spotters that help provide real-time … Continue reading

Severe Weather Resource For SkyWarn Types

I am planning a trip and have been checking some of my weather resources that I provide links to on . One that I start with gives me a really nice three day overview of severe weather threats. You probably get this information from your local TV weather. But … Continue reading

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