High Cliff Triathlon Ham Radio Communications Support

I don’t think I’ve seen a more polite and thankful group of people in my volunteer ham radio communications experience.  A large number of racers in the High Cliff Triathlon bike race portion of the event took the time to break their breathing pattern and say a nice “Thanks for … Continue reading

MS Walk 2011 Race Results – Appleton, Wisconsin – Ham Radio Communications Support

On May 1st, 2011 I had a great time doing a bit of public service.  I got some good free food.  I got some neat memorable photos.  I made a new friend.  I got some fresh air.  I honed the ham radio skills needed to operate in a network as … Continue reading

A Ham’s View Of The Fox Cities Marathon – 2010

Mile marker 25…  right at the harbor in downtown .  On Pine and Wisconsin streets.  An incredible view of maybe 20 moored .  A bright red sky in the morning.  Clouds breaking into a warm mid-day sun. that had just run / walked / pedaled nearly either 13 or 26 … Continue reading

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