Ham Radio Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

This Thanksgiving Day I have been involved in ham radio since 2006, so roughly six years. First I am thankful that I was able to pass the technician, general and extra class exams in quick succession once the Morse code requirement was dropped by the FCC. I became involved in … Continue reading

Storm Tested – Gap Challenger DX Vertical Ham Radio Antenna

This is a follow-up post to the initial posts dealing with the construction of the Gap Challenger DX vertical ham radio antenna and tilt base mount.  This post deals with durability and not functionality of the antenna, the gap tilt base mount and the suggested support structure. I must admit that … Continue reading

Winter Thoughts For Ham Radio Operators

Winter time can present special challenges, opportunities and risks for ham radio operators.  Ice and snow on the antenna is one thing that immediately comes to mind.  I generally park one of our vehicles outside during the winter.  During winter I need to be careful to rid all ice and … Continue reading

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