Farm Technology Days, Severe Weather Spotters and Ham Radio

My first really interesting farm contact was when both of us were mobile. I was on a 3 hour drive from Appleton, Wisconsin to the U.P. of Michigan. The farmer I contacted was in his super large tractor and was working the fields on a very large corporate farm. We … Continue reading

Skywarn Appreciation Day 2010 For Hams!

  After having been involved in severe storm spotting for a few years and having been to the National Weather Service office a couple of times I thought I probably would skip this year’s Skywarn Appreciation Day event.  Now, if you’ve never been to the forecast office – it’s pretty … Continue reading

AB9NN’s Wisconsin Storm Spotter’s Week

This week was Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin.  April begins the ramp-up in temps and mixing of cold air from Canada with warm moist air from the south.  While there ARE tornadoes in winter months from time to time, according the Wisconsin climatology records – MOST of them occur … Continue reading

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