AB9NN’s Wisconsin Storm Spotter’s Week

This week was Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin.  April begins the ramp-up in temps and mixing of cold air from Canada with warm moist air from the south.  While there ARE tornadoes in winter months from time to time, according the Wisconsin climatology records – MOST of them occur … Continue reading

Ham Radio & SkyWarn Appreciation Day 2009

My wife and I attended Green Bay National Weather Service’s (NOAA) SkyWarn Appreciation Day on Friday December 4, 2009.  This day is a “thank you” to trained severe storm spotters that also use their ham radio training to form a many-to-many communications network of trained spotters that help provide real-time … Continue reading

Ham Radio Severe Storm Spotting – Nothing To Report…

This week we had a tornado siren go off in Appleton and there were sightings of spin-ups in several counties near us. During this time I had a chance to listen to SkyWarn operations. I heard some wonderful work. Very valuable work. But I also heard some very bad work. … Continue reading

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