Ham Radio Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

This Thanksgiving Day I have been involved in ham radio since 2006, so roughly six years. First I am thankful that I was able to pass the technician, general and extra class exams in quick succession once the Morse code requirement was dropped by the FCC. I became involved in … Continue reading

AB9NN’s Wisconsin Storm Spotter’s Week

This week was Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin.  April begins the ramp-up in temps and mixing of cold air from Canada with warm moist air from the south.  While there ARE tornadoes in winter months from time to time, according the Wisconsin climatology records – MOST of them occur … Continue reading

Severe Weather & SkyWarn – Tornado(s), Floods, Wind, Hail, Heat, Snow, Sleet, etc…

Learn to use your ham radio resources to stay safe! I started listening to SkyWarn operations long before I passed my extra class FCC license exam. I heard it while scanning with my police scanner. I didn’t really understand exactly how it worked, but I knew that these guys were … Continue reading

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