Ham Radio & SkyWarn Appreciation Day 2009

My wife and I attended Green Bay National Weather Service’s (NOAA) SkyWarn Appreciation Day on Friday December 4, 2009.  This day is a “thank you” to trained severe storm spotters that also use their ham radio training to form a many-to-many communications network of trained spotters that help provide real-time … Continue reading

Ham Radio SkyWarn Recognition Day!

Ham radio’s SkyWarn recognition day is December 6, 2008. This is a day when the National Weather Service takes their valuable time and resources and says “thanks” to those of us that help out with SkyWarn operations. It’s pretty cool. I attended last year’s event and got a nice guided … Continue reading

Ham Radio Severe Storm Spotting – Nothing To Report…

This week we had a tornado siren go off in Appleton and there were sightings of spin-ups in several counties near us. During this time I had a chance to listen to SkyWarn operations. I heard some wonderful work. Very valuable work. But I also heard some very bad work. … Continue reading

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