Skywarn Appreciation Day 2010 For Hams!

  After having been involved in severe storm spotting for a few years and having been to the National Weather Service office a couple of times I thought I probably would skip this year’s Skywarn Appreciation Day event.  Now, if you’ve never been to the forecast office – it’s pretty … Continue reading

Ham Radio SkyWarn Recognition Day!

Ham radio’s SkyWarn recognition day is December 6, 2008. This is a day when the National Weather Service takes their valuable time and resources and says “thanks” to those of us that help out with SkyWarn operations. It’s pretty cool. I attended last year’s event and got a nice guided … Continue reading

Severe Weather & SkyWarn – Tornado(s), Floods, Wind, Hail, Heat, Snow, Sleet, etc…

Learn to use your ham radio resources to stay safe! I started listening to SkyWarn operations long before I passed my extra class FCC license exam. I heard it while scanning with my police scanner. I didn’t really understand exactly how it worked, but I knew that these guys were … Continue reading

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