Severe Storm Season 2015 Is Coming!

With warmer temperatures eventually come severe storms in Wisconsin. TV 2 News – Green Bay, WI wanted to do a community awareness item and contacted Outagamie County Emergency Management. Outagamie County Emergency Management sent the news crew my way. There is a video below that you can click. If clicking that does not work then clicking this link should.    

TV 2 News was gracious enough to drive down to our home in Appleton, WI for the interview. We spent about a half an hour discussing severe storm spotting and ham radio and ARES / RACES. I am generally a very shy person but if I can get exposure for severe storm awareness and the good job that our severe storm spotters do in the community – then I am in!

Enjoy the video and contact me with any questions!

Until next time, stay radio active!


Jon E. Kreski – AB9NN

Emergency Coordinator
Outagamie County ARES / RACES

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